A model for passionate street and jam skaters!
Very flexible upper made of soft, breathable suede leather (thickness 1.4 mm), leather lining, soft ankle padding that offers both support and protection of the ankle. The ankle PAD also prevents wrinkling in the ankle area. The shoes are designed for everyday use, so the soft padding (tongue & shoe) and leather lining make them very breathable and comfortable.
The new STREET Suede will carry our WIFA logo in future productions as an additional quality feature on the tongue. We upgraded the soles with a harder wooden heel and the whole upper was reinforced with a breathable material to maintain the shape. The introductory price of htis boot made in Europe will be gradually adapted to the real material costs.
More than 90% made of natural materials sourced in Europe!
Leather upper, leather lining, leather soles, wooden heel
If you want to focus mainly on park skating or roller figure skating, you need the lateral stability of our firmer hybrid models, which are suitable for ice and roller skating and can be converted accordingly.

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EUR 170,00
Set configuration "Street" Suede


Sizes: EU 36-42
Colors: ocean, bluejeans, turquoise, summer sky, purple, orange, black, rock, redwood, acorn, mossgreen, rose quartz
Width: comfort width C

Packed with 100% recycled material, unbleached.