Ice skates

WIFA - A European Brand

The FRANZ WITTMANN shoe factory was founded as early as 1920*. At the end of the 50's, the first skating shoe collection was created under the brand "WIFA". Soon WIFA became one of the world's leading brands in ice and roller figure skating boots. The principles that made WIFA boots world famous still apply today: the highest standards in manufacturing and quality control, regionality and sustainability in the choice of materials.

Leather for sustainability & longevity!*

We use resources carefully, which is why we rely on leather that is tanned in accordance with the EU's environmental specifications. Plastic is used in very small quantities only where it is unavoidable. Even our most affordable entry-level model for hobby running, Prima Hobby, is carefully handcrafted from sturdy leather.

All models are manufactured in Europe. The final production, quality control and development is still in Vienna, where there is also a factory outlet. Here you can find special offers as well as second quality boots, discontinued models and all models of the current collections, which can be found here in our CATALOG. Helpful hints about measuring & fitting can be found In the FAQs and even more detailed in our TECHNICAL GUIDE.

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