Ice skates

WIFA boots, made in Europe, made from leather

The Viennese boot factory “Schuhfabrik FRANZ WITTMANN” was founded 1920. At the end of the 1950s, the first skating boot collection was created and WIFA soon became one of the world's leading brands of ice and roller skating boots. The principles that made WIFA skates world famous still apply today: the highest standards in manufacturing and quality control, regionality and sustainability in the choice of materials. All WIFA models are made in Europe and made of leather sourced from Europe and tanned according to EU environmental specifications.

The finish, assembly, repair, quality control and model development are implemented in the company headquarters in Vienna in the 23rd district which has its own factory outlet.

In the WIFA OUTLET customers are welcome to try on and purchase boots of the current collections or find interesting offers of second choice boots and various discontinued models. The recommended sales price applies to the regular merchandise.


WIFA Skates delivery and price information

We deliver to almost all countries in the world. You can find out the average delivery times here.

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