Cecile Klaus, choreographer & dancer, pays a very special tribute to this beautiful, pulsating city and shows what this sport entails: joie de vivre! On her feet, Cecile - also a trainer for roller skating - wears the STREET NUBUK, a roller skate made of firm nubuck leather with the aluminum frame “Elyo”, from STD, Spain.
Many thanks are due to the artist and the producer Static Our Antenna Production, New York, for implementing this successful video project.
From May 2021 you can already buy your STREET NUBUK online directly from WIFA, just the BOOTS or the complete SETS (frame / wheels / stoppers).
Reservations are now possible via e-mail.
Please indicate foot length / shoe number / color (honey yellow, orange, pink, gray) and the pair is reserved for you.
The first 15 will receive an introductory price of € 299 instead of € 370 for the complete shoe and Elyo, or € 130 instead of € 149 for the boots without frame.
The STREET VELOR made of strong suede leather will be on the market from June 2021. As a complete set with the Hornet frame, also available in stores from € 310.
Cecile Klaus, founder and choreographer of the Miss'ile rollerdance company.

Rolling ↔ Skating

A roller skating boot in the warm season and an ice skating in the cold season!
All WIFA boots have thick coupon leather soles (except for Prima Hobby). This makes it easy to switch to a roller skating boot and the other way round. Holes are filled with wood and sealed for protection. Blades can be remounted in winter using the same holes. For roller frames, new holes are drilled at another place on the soles. Switching would be done once a year.

Prima Intermediate, Deluxe Comfort and Deluxe Skatec have a flexible leather ankle reinforcement providing the necessary stiffness for a "double" season. Deluxe Comfort and Skatec have a “cooling” smooth leather lining. That is the model adult roller skaters opt for – also for its padded toe area. The „ELYO“ lightweight frame made of aluminum from the brand manufacturer "STD" has highly sensitive axes that respond to the smallest movements of the forefoot. In a few hours you learn how to make moves and spins. With ELYO classic "quads" you can do fun roller skating or classic roller figure skating.