Check your size with our FootSizeMeter / print out the insole in a PDF format!
You foot is the reference that counts

Your foot is the most important reference we work with. Here you can print out the insoles. Please re-measure the inner soles shortly after printing the A4 sheet to be on the safe side because of possible transfer distortions.
The inner soles are only the basis of the boot - which helps a lot to determine the size. Depending on you foot shape and width you will decide how much toe space you need. In the technical guide (page 4) you can find out which foot shape you have. If you have wide feet at the front (Roman foot shape), more toe space should be given (on average +-1 cm). If you have narrower feet please leave at least 5mm toe space for comfort as feet need a little more air in the summer. If the ball of your foot is wider, you can loosen the leaces to gain width the soft leather adapts to your foot shape. The toe box however is reinforced and not strechable. If you put the foot on the measurement sheet, the foot can overlap in the toe area, this is nothing unusual, since the insole is only the boot base.

WIFA-Fitting & Sizing in General
WIFA boots usually run half a size or a whole size smaller than the normal shoe size. We use the same orthopaedic lasts for our ice and roller skate collection. For figure skaters, an exact fit in length and width is necessary, the ball of the foot is well reinforced and snug fit is recommended, still with some space for comfort. Leisure skates are made on a wide, comfortable last in one staandard wide width. As soon as it gets to pure figure skating training WIFA works with up to 5 widths, from very narrow to very wide (narrow last =M, L wide last: LL, C, CC). Children's sizes 24-35 are mainly still in full French sizes, as the toe box is bigger and offers space for growth. English sizes (1-12 fulle and half sizes) are used where a tighter fit is required (figure skating training).
WIFA- Fitting & Sizing for roller skates
We use the same orthopaedic lasts for roller skates AND ice skates. All tables apply to both - ice and roller skates. The roller skates are manufactured in the standard width "C". For the two STREET models - STREET Suede and STREET Deluxe - we use French sizes (currently 35 to 45).
We also plan to offer smaller sizes (from size 30) from May 2022.
For the new, firmer STREET Xtreme model, two half sizes will be added for a better fit: 36.5 (=4) and 38.5 (=5.5).
Detailed information can be found in our technical guide.