Prima Intermediate ***

Recommended for:
 advanced leisure skaters, Basic II Figure Skating  
Skating Level: all single jumps, first doubles, team skating

Colors:  standard white/black, Nubuk & beige - surcharge
Uppers:  leather (2,4-2,6 mm) - water resistant coating
Lining:  microfaser
Soles:     hardened single sole
Set-Blades: New!  Flight, Galaxy
Set-Blades for double jumps: Coronation Ace, Professional

Specials:  standard v-notch for easy breaking in

Children white     sizes: 26-35   widths   SS / S / M / L / LL
Children black     sizes: 26-35   widths   M / L / LL

Ladies white        sizes:  3 - 8½   (=35 ½ - 43)  widths  M  / L / LL / C
Boys black           sizes:  3 - 8½   (=35 ½ - 43)  widths    M / L / LL / C

blue= in stock or constantly in serial production 
grey = no stock item - individual production - 4-8 weeks 

A leather reinforcement in the ankle area gives sufficient support for single jumps (adults) up to first doubles (children) allowing foot muscles to develop since not too hard but flexible. A v-notch allows easy breaking in of the boots.
Heat moldable!

Available as boots or special priced sets with blades from MK & John Wilson (UK, Sheffield), for beginners also with MarkII (Canada).