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The WIFA "STREET" roller skates collection

is made of high quality firm nubuck leather, so it is a bit stronger than , which is made of very flexible suede leather. Both models have a variety of colors and are extremely comfortable. The new wifa street xtreme logo, coming March 2022, is made of even firmer nubuck leather and has increased side reinforcement that extends to the beginning of the ball of the foot, and also provides the necessary support for park skaters. Among dancers, it is considered a medium-strong shoe.
The soft ankle pad supports the ankle joint, while the soft upper end protects the foot from friction.
You can order just the boots, or a complete SET with high quality frames from wifa street xtreme logo, one of the market leaders in Europe. The "Hornet" frame is a lightweight fibre frame with steerable axles that can be adjusted individually, depending on how mobile (jam skating) or stable (track skating) the frame should be. The ELYO aluminum frame is just as maneuverable and light, but more stable overall.
The SET can be ordered with the street wheels, which are also suitable for rough surfaces, or with hybrid wheels for indoor & outdoor skating.
If your the wheel color is currently not in stock, we recommend to switch to alternative colors, because it can take weeks until all colors are available again.
Wheels are supplied with ball bearings covered on both sides.
Cecile Klaus, choreographer & dancer, pays a very special tribute to this beautiful, pulsating city and shows what this sport entails: joie de vivre! On her feet, Cecile - also a trainer for roller skating - wears the STREET NUBUK, a roller skate made of firm nubuck leather with the aluminum frame “Elyo”, from STD, Spain.
Many thanks are due to the artist and the producer Static Our Antenna Production, New York, for implementing this successful video project.  
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