New model born from the Champion Light!
This new model is for the smaller athlets who are training hard for their first national competitions. It has all the technical features of the popular Champion Light: half a centimeter lower than the standard shaft, flex notch and soft leather shaft top. Offered as low-priced competition set, the Intec will ease the transition from Prima-Set to the first „real“ competition set with cross pick blades..

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Recommended for:
advanced hobby skaters, competiton skaters
Skating levels:
synchronized skating competition, ice dance, single to double jumps

rice without blades
EUR 213,00
Recommended retail price EUR 213,00 (including consulting and any services)

with MK Aspire Cross Pick blades

EUR 287,00
Recommended retail price EUR 287,00 (including consulting and any services)

⇒ Mounting and grinding optional
with MK Professional blades

EUR 395,00
Recommended retail price EUR 395,00 (including consulting and any services)

⇒ Mounting and grinding optional

Sizes: EU 1-2½
Colors: white/black
Widths: LL

Packed with 100% recycled material, unbleached.