How can I get this Newstarter-Set?  
The model Newstarter with the Logo printed on the side of the boots is only available at our factory - please enter our WEBSHOP or pick up at our factory (delivery via post parcel or pick up at our factory). Your order will be sent per postal service.

POSTAGE Austria + payment at consignee's post office:10 Euro (3-4 kg)  2-4 working days
POSTAGE Germany + payment at consignee's post office20 Euro (3-4 kg)   3-4 working days
: 16 Euro (3-4 kg)  3-7 working days

Free transportation if you order more than  300 € (Europe).

My country is not listed - can I still get this Newstarter-Set?
Yes - we deliver worldwide. You will be informed on postage in our WEBSHOP.

For what level is this model suitable?
This model is suitable for good leisure skaters and beginners in figure skating courses who want a leather quality boot and blade - providing necessary fit and support. The Newstarter and Prima Hobby  (best priced set available through our dealer's network)  have one width, full sizes, synthetic soles and a standard blade allowing first jumps only

What is the difference to the other beginner's models?
The model called  PRIMA HOBBY-SET has the same leather upper as our model   "PRIMA" , the best figure skating beginner boot worldwide. There are three models that are frequently used by leisure skaters as well as first level figure skaters:  Prima Hobby, Prima, Prima Int. and Deluxe Skatec. They have all leather soles and 4 to 7 widths. The brand blades mounted on these beginner's sets allow up to first double jumps

What size is the correct one?
Full sizing and one width makes fitting easier. Please help yourself with the simplified table below. Try not to buy figure skating boots that are far too big. 


Size Length of boot inside in cm
25 16,90
26 17,50
27 18,10
28 18,80
29 19,40
30 20,10
31 20,80
32 21,40
33 22,10
34 22,80
35 23,40
36 23,90
37 24,70
38 25,10
39 26,00
40 26,40
41 27,20
42 27,70
43 28,50
44 28,90
45 29,70
46 30,10


Your child is 9 years old - street shoe size 36 - foot length right and left =  22,6 cm (often  foot lengths differ - take the longer one as basic reference!). Since attending a figure skating course - do not give too much toe space - a right fitting is essential for the controle of boot and blade (4-8 mm space for growth should not be exceeded). In our case a size 34 would be too small - 2 mm. With a WIFA-size 35 the skater would have 8 mm space for growth. We do not recommend to buy a boots for two seasons (warrantee does not apply for boots bought too big).