Why Wifa? Healthy feet, sustainability, perfect fitting!Update 13.02.2017

Well fitted & sustainable quality leather boots

WIFA boots are worldwide know for their high quality and longevity. All WIFA boots are carefully handcrafted from thick cowhide leather (2.2-2.6 mm), which are regularly tested in specialized laboratories for quality standards. Leather is breathable, flexible and adapts quickly to the foot shape. A custom fitting with heat treatment can be carried out by the specialist dealer on the spot, if  there are still pressure points after a few hours on the ice. Ice sports retailers at the ice skating rinks often have a special oven for warm fitting. Then it is an easy process - heat the boots for a few minutes - and the skater put them on and lets them cool on the foot. If, however, a skater does not have a dealer at hand who offers this service, he can ask his local dealer to have a custom fitting done by WIFA. For this purpose the dealer will have to make exact measurements.

A WIFA leather skating boot breathes, provides support and is flexible and above all sustainable. In terms of sustainability we are pleased to see that our boots have a considerable second hand value. They are passed on to other club members and used as rental skates for very long time like in the Wiener Eislaufverein, Kunsteislaufbahn Engelmann, Albert Schutz Halle, Red Square and now also at the Wiener Eistraum.

Sizes & Widths
The leasure skating models are available in the standard widths and in full sizes. The
 Prima model has already 3-4 widths and half-sizes  (3-12), i.e. 35.5 to 47. The size of WIFA boots is different than street shoes because there is no roll-off effect. An adult, which has a 39er street shoe size, usually needs a 38 WIFA boot. Therefore, it is important to read the fitting information.

Why do Coaches recommend WIFA?
All over the world  coaches confirm that the Prima b
oot is the best boot for beginners and skating courses because of its optimal orthopedic support, fitting (5 widths) and the rigth proportion of stability and flexibility to allow the foot muscles to grow.

Growing with WIFA
Many international  champions, dancers, synchro skaters and professionals  have grown up in WIFA. In the model "Newstarter" leisure skaters feel the support and controle of a well fitted leather skate. Ideal model for first figure skating courses. In Prima Hobby first single jumps and spins can be easily done with the brand blades from Canada. In Primas, Prima Intermediate or Deluxe Skatecs, young skaters perform all sigle and first double jumps. Then skaters are ready for their first competition Champion Lights and achieve international success in Champion Reinforced, Goldstar or Diamond.