The right Model?

A skater’s feet are the most important tool and  key to success and the boot must provide a link between the skater and the ice. Therefor WIFA makes even the beginners Prima boot in 5 widths and from Deluxe Skatec on, 7 widths.

When choosing the model, consider  the  skating level, age, weight and  time spent on the ice.  Our recom-mendation: the more advanced the skater, the closer the fit !

An experienced  WIFA dealer can advise about  the right model, size, width, and  special features.

The WIFA Skate Structure shows the full range and how to progress up. The skate structure  shows the strength  of each model and helps the skater   make the right choice. The Length and Width Tablehelps you  choose the right size and width. You will find the Length and Width Table on the last page of our catalogue.


How to measure my feet?

If it is not possible to be measured by an experienced dealer, you can find all the information in our Technical Guide. 



Pressure Points - Help?

Leather is a natural product and will mould to your feet after a few hours of skating.  Heat moulding can relieve tender spots.

Care of the Boots & Lacing

Consult the Technical Guide on how to lace your boots correctly and care for your WIFA leather boots to ensure long life, continued good fit and comfort.  Boots must be dried out carefully, and never placed on direct heat or a radiator.  

Do I need foot support?

Nowadays most feet require some orthopedic support.  The WIFASANA inserts were developed on the WIFA lasts for this purpose.    Read carefully the information on WIFASANA.