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Update Decembre 1st., 2017

WIFA Leather Boots - now available in Amazon.de! 

As  traditional manufacturer of inernational ice skating brand WIFA,  we remain true to the following principles, that have been ruling the company since the late fifties: first class raw materials, workmanship and service. For more information please read Why WIFA?

Where can you buy WIFA boots?
All specialized dealer carrying WIFA are listed.  If no dealer is listed in your area you are welcome to order the main models and acccessories through our webshop, amazon.de or directly per e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

WIFA Outlet
Older models and boots that do not pass our strict quality controle are sold with 20% to 80% reduction. 

WIFA Accessories
Blades - MK & Wilson (UK)
Training Suits-SAGESTER (IT) 
Protectors & Soakers- GUARDOG (CAN)
Protective Gloves WIFA (A)
Ice Skating Gloves WIFA (A)
Ice skating Bags WIFA (A)



2017 Novembre - Decembre

WED/THU/FR  2 - 6  p.m

open on bank holiday   8th.12.2017
closed  27th., 28th., 29th.12.2017

2018 January - March
WED/THU/FR  2 - 6  p.m

By car: click here to view map
5 min from Bahnhof Meidling with the local train Badner Bahn.
Exit Station Lokalbahn Inzersdorf



IMore and more young champions on the WIFA light boot in Champion Light


saison's start 2017
07.10.  Eissportzentrum Kagran
21.10. Wiener Eislaufverein (WEV)
22.10. EisStadthalle
22.10. Eisring Süd
26.10. Kunsteisbahn Engelmann
17.11. Wiener Eistraum

events in Vienna 2018

18.01.  Holiday on Ice



New for Season 2017-2018

Custom Fitting
WIFA  boots are made of thick leathers so that they can be heat molded at a very high temperature. A custom fitting with heat treatment can be carried out by the specialist dealer on the spot to avoid any pressure points. 
Ice sports retailers at the ice skating rinks often have a special oven for warm fitting. Read more about our fitting service.

Champion Light
Champion Light is available in 5 widhts and half sizes and is now preformed at the ankle area. If there is now dealer in your area, you can buy this high performance model via our Webshop - in the main three widths. 

Flight & Galaxy - new blades 
The new set blades for our bestsellers Prima and Prima Int. "Flight" allows up to first double jumps. Galaxy is suitable for double jumps and is far better priced than it's upgrade model Professional, that is the best choice for that level.

Prima/Set in our Wifa Webshop
The world best beginner's Set (all single jumps) with the upgrading through a better blade is now available via our Webshop in 3 widths. If you don't get them in your shop - try our Webshop!